Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Handling A Project

A fact that a fresh QS graduate must face is handling projects. It's a responsible & independent job to face with. One important thing that make me realize while i'm working in my current company is to get know the status of the projects.

How to know my projects well?! Below are some of my tips to get know your project well;
  • Update Status
  1. Contract documents - amount of contract sum/with who?
  2. Interim payments - with who/client approved/contractor received it or not/date received?
  3. Variations - client approved or not/approved amount?
  4. Financial report - monthly claim how much/amount accumulated?
  5. Workdone - % workdone based on interim claim?

Teamwork is essential to handle a project as well.
  • Teamwork
  1. Ask ask & ask Consultants(eg; Client/Engineer/Architect/Contractor) about the status of documents.
  2. Black & white is vital.
  3. Request necessary drawings/documents frm the Consultants.
  4. Keep in touch is necessary.
  5. Discuss the disagreements occurred.

Be Confident with own decisions & never easily give up. Never say never! :) -FC

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Units of Measurements

These are basic units of measurement based on Standard Method of Measurement 2(SMM2). Below are "must-know" items units for a QS.

1. Excavation of topsoil = m2
2. Excavation of reduced level/pits/basements/pile caps/trenches for g.beam = m3
3. Excavation of trenches for pipes = m
4. Concrete = m3
5. Formwork = m2
6. Reinforcement = kg
7. Fabric Reinforcement = m2
8. Sand Blinding/Similar Fine Materials = m2
9. Lean Concrete/Concrete Blinding = m3
10. Brickworks/Blockworks = m2
11. Skirtings/Bonding Ties = m
12. Finishes/Roof Coverings = m2
13. Normal Glass = m2
14. Special Glass(<10mm thk at >4.00m2/>10mm thk/Laminated/Solar control/Acrylic/Polycarbonate) = no.
15. Pipes/Gutters = m
16. Composite Items(fabricated off-site eg:door/window/sanitary fittings)/Fittings = no.

I think it might be helpful for those "in-case" forgotten units of measurements & as a super-fast guide for u & me without flipping the SMM. :) -FC

Variations for Government Projects

Variation of Works for Gov. projects is different from Private projects(frm what i've studied). It involved:

i. Arahan Perubahan Kerja(APK)
ii.Wang Peruntukan Sementara(WPS)
iii. Kuantiti Kerja Sementara(KKS)

Pelarasan Harga Kontrak(PHK) is needed to finalize the above 3 cases.

All these are practice in Kementerian Pelajaran Malaysia(KPM) which is the governement of Malaysia.

i. "APK" is also known as V.O(in English). It is an order by the gov. to the consultants. It is also the 1st stage for a variation. For 2nd stage, QS needs to prepare paperworks which is the Kelulusan Perubahan Kerja(KPK) after the amount of APK has been approved by the gov. At 3rd stage(final), QS have to prepare PHK after KPK being approved.

ii. "WPS" is a type of variation for 'All Provisional' Items in the BQ only[Eg: Piling (All Provisional)]. Similarly, QS needs to prepare PHK after the amount of WPS has been approved.

iii. "KKS" is another type of variation which is for those items in Provisional Sums Bill only. As mentioned, it needs to conclude with a PHK.

& Ofcourse, the BQ mustn't follow Contrator's amount(as they claim higher for sure), but to follow the Consultant QS amount(usually the agreed one). The Government will approved according to the agreed amount.

These are those works which i'm doing&learning in my current company. Hope it'll give a brief understanding for those ppl out there who are also doing gov projects. :) -FC

Friday, May 6, 2011

A Brief Introduction

For those studying/studied Quantity Surveying(QS) out there should know what is "QS".

i. QS = Quantity Surveying.
ii. QS = Quantitty Surveyor/Surveyor(a person who are doing quantity surveying works).
iii. Sr. = similarly to other professionals, it's a professional calling which added infront of a person's name(Eg. Sr. Chow) if they are registered as a professional QS+few yrs experienced in construction field.

Here are the basic scope of works as an QS;

i. Measuring construction drawings(by Architects/Engineers).
ii. Estimating cost of a building development.
iii. Preparing Bill of Quantities(BQ).
iv. Cost controlling for a project.
v. Advice on client's project.
vi. Site evaluations/visits/meetings.
vii. Variation works.
viii. Negotiating with suppliers/contractors.
viiii. Preparing monthly claims/final account.

Moreover, QS can choose either to work in Consultant firm(usually can claim for OT only for tender works), Contractor firm(no extra pay for OT works bcoz got higher pay compare to other firms), or Developer firm. Scope of works might be different in different firms.

Thought it would be convenient to all QS(especially freshman like me ^^) out there if there are blogs/forums/spaces to chats/discuss about while having problems in works. This made up my mind to create a blog special for QS or those ppl who wish to knw what is qs all about. Feel free to comment on my blog! :) -FC