Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Handling A Project

A fact that a fresh QS graduate must face is handling projects. It's a responsible & independent job to face with. One important thing that make me realize while i'm working in my current company is to get know the status of the projects.

How to know my projects well?! Below are some of my tips to get know your project well;
  • Update Status
  1. Contract documents - amount of contract sum/with who?
  2. Interim payments - with who/client approved/contractor received it or not/date received?
  3. Variations - client approved or not/approved amount?
  4. Financial report - monthly claim how much/amount accumulated?
  5. Workdone - % workdone based on interim claim?

Teamwork is essential to handle a project as well.
  • Teamwork
  1. Ask ask & ask Consultants(eg; Client/Engineer/Architect/Contractor) about the status of documents.
  2. Black & white is vital.
  3. Request necessary drawings/documents frm the Consultants.
  4. Keep in touch is necessary.
  5. Discuss the disagreements occurred.

Be Confident with own decisions & never easily give up. Never say never! :) -FC

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